Stage 3 | Manteigas – Miranda do Corvo

8th OCTOBER 2024




Miranda do Corvo









Getting to the Torre (Tower) is the highlight of Stage3. At an altitude of 2.000m, this is the highest peak of Portugal.

As soon as the route leaves the Vila Galé Hotel, it starts climbing… a 20 km long climb with some steep passes and some of the most beautiful panoramic peaks of Portugal. This mountain deserves special mention for its scenic beauty and isolation… at the same time the route lets you admire this extraordinary mountain massif from all sides.

After you conquer the climb to the Torre, prepare yourself for a 30 km descent.

An adventurous, winding route leads down the mountain crossing enchanting forests, with perfect privileged spots to glance over the villages down there (in the valley), so far away…

This is one of the wildest stretches of Transportugal Roads, because the sceneries are so amazing that you can easily forget that a certain amount of foresight is required.

At the end of this fantastic descent, the route takes you to the picturesque and isolated village of Vide, where you will find the 6D “refueling stand” of the stage 3 and can collect your 6D bars and your Water Bottle. 50 km so far, 83 km to go… Stop for a minute and watch out for the romantic bridge still spinning over Alvoço river today.

Vide is in the valley, so the only way is up… leaving Vide, the route will take you through a 18 km long climb, with some steep passes, and yet some astonishing views over unusual small villages, springs and pastureland until you reach the historical village of Piódão. A distinctive feature of this mountain village with its narrow winding streets is schist, a stone found in great abundance in the region and used to build the houses and plaster the pavements.

At this point, you have left behind Serra da Estrela Mountain and find yourself deeply immersed in another Mountain, the Serra do Açor Mountain from where the route takes you up a few km more. Passing the cross to the small village of Tojo, the stage leads flat over the top of this side of the mountain, like a perfect balcony to the valley. Soon enough the route will take you through a smooth and long descent on a small mountain road to the village of Colmeal down by the Ceira river.