COVID-19 Handling

We have been in the process of developing a detailed concept for the Transportugal Roads 2021 in regard to Covid-19, in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable event for all participants, visitors and sponsors as well as all Staff and supporters. 

First of all feel free to register, you won't take any risk regarding Covid-19... because who are proved to be unable to take part in the Transportugal ROADS 2021 due to Covid-19 or the effects of the pandemic, are entitled to free cancellation and reimbursement of the paid entry fees at any time.

One thing is clear: We are all seeing that regulations, guidelines and rules for dealing with the pandemic can change at relatively short notice. Therefore, this initial overview represents what makes some sense at this moment. We will be constantly updating all measures in compliance with legal requirements and close coordination with local authorities.

Besides a special protocol for health protection and prevention against Covid-19 which will be available during the race, the following measures will be applicable for all participants, staff and supporters at the event:

  • Anyone experiencing symptoms of illness before the start of the Transportugal Roads will not participate in the event.
  • Everyone in our group (participants, staff and supporters) shall be tested if our Medical Team gets to the conclusion that the pandemic situation requires so. Before entering the first hotel of the race, in Braga, will be guided to a safety area around the Hotel until a negative result is achieved.
  • The hygiene, distance and behavioral regulations valid at the time of the Transportugal Roads must be consistently observed and applied.
  • If applicable, the organizer will provide Covid19 tests to all the participants, staff and supporters
  • The use of masks is compulsory (depending on official requirements) for all persons on the entire event area. This applies to all participants, Staff and supporters at all official refreshment stations and individual contact points at the edge of the racetrack or in the start/finish area until immediately before the start and immediately after the finish point.
  • Disinfection stations will be set up everywhere in the event area, considering the circumstances of each hotel.
  • According to the official requirements, each hotel will ensure that the number of people present in the individual event areas at any given point in time will comply with the current status of the official regulations at the time of the event.
  • Hotels of the race shall ensure that all facilities, stands and in particular the sanitary facilities are regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • The organizer always adapts the sporting concept (e.g. the number of people allowed in the start/finish area or in the starting line-up) to the status of the official regulations at the time of the event. 

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