Through the forgotten Roads

TESTE A 20-year legacy

The first edition of Transportugal MTB took place in 2003. At the start, 20 participants challenged themselves to travel through Portugal from North to South, in 11 days. It was the first 1200 kms!

Since then, more than 1000 athletes have ventured out to discover roads, paths and trails, as well as some of the best hotels in Portugal. It was hours on a bike, following a GPS route, getting to know a country with an incomparable history.

Ranging in age from 20 to nearly 80, this is the adventure of a lifetime for many participants and an annual week-long vacation for many others. There are also those who have already reached the status of “IMORTAL” with more than 10 participations!

With changes to the route every year, the Organization’s objective is for all participants to get to know Portugal in depth and have the experience of a lifetime

After 20 years, Transportugal is a world-renowned event.