Stage 2 | Tabuaço – Fornos de Algodres

6th MAY 2024 | 94km / 2.630m+

Valdigem, Figueira, Gouviães, Ucanha, Leomil, Lamosa, Quintela, Dornelas, Forrninhos, Rancosinho, Infias



Time: 04:12:28
Average: 21,63 Km/h

“The shortest stage in the race, but probably one of the hardest days in the saddle in Transportugal, to get out of the Douro valley, riders will basically start climbing straight from the start line. Keep your head down and grind your teeth because it’s a tough one, but whatever you do, don’t forget to look back as the views are magnificent. Throughout the day riders will enjoy beautiful mountain landscapes, medieval river crossings, forest single tracks and gravel roads until eventually reaching Viseu to a well deserved rest.”

Tony Filipe
Portugal – #505

“Transportugal day 2 begins in Régua, right in the heart of Douro wine region. At sunrise I opened the window of my room and delighted with the fantastic view over the river, flanked by vineyards planted in terraces along the slopes The stage started right at the hotel door, we rolled a couple of kilometers along the Douro and then, turning left heading south, we started the first difficulty of the day, a very demanding climb with about 12K, at the end of the which we have already 1,000m of accumulated climb. From there we leave Douro region, crossing first the plateau that begins in Bigorne until we reach near Castro Daire, where the relief is again more rugged. The route goes through alternating zones of forest and agricultural fields but water is always present, there are many fountains and streams, and we also have to cross 2 rivers, the Paivó and Paiva. In both there are two alternatives to reach the other bank, walk on slippery stone columns or by the riverbed where water that can reach the waist. I opted for the first solution and it turned out to be a lot easier than it looked. The stage ends in the beautiful city of Viseu where we can finally rest to prepare for Day 3, the Queen stage of the Transportugal.”

Paulo Moura
Portugal – #385