The MTB mythical route

Crossing Portugal from North to South.
More than 900 km of off-road racing across forest tracks, gravel roads and steep single tracks on clifftops.

No signs, ribbons or arrows to indicate the way. Intuitive flawless GPS guiding. You can never get lost and you are always sure you are following the right race track.

An innovative way of racing where each participant follows a virtual marked track on the screen of his GPS receiver.

Always racing across very isolated and peaceful landscape and in self sufficiency, no aid stations and all external support is forbidden.

Staged in-line race; one stage a day; one category only classifying racers individually; allowances for age and gender

Each participant gets free t-shirts, a certificate, the full route GPS tracks and an online gallery of photos he can download.

Special racing jerseys for all Finishers.

Shortest stage – 74,5km;
Longest stage – 196,5km;
Average stage – 116km;
Total of 920km / 14.200m Vertical climbing