A competition with 18 years of legacy always has a set of stories, events and images that remain in the memory of those who lived them.

In this page of curiosities we publish some of the many moments that TransPortugal has originated over time ...

The first ever regulation (2003)
Anouncement image of the first edition (2003)
Ciclonatur's report of the first edition (2003)
Anouncement image of the second edition (2004)
First "Ciclocross like" bike
Keith Bontrager (the man behing the BONTRAGER brand) report of the 2006 edition
Stages description for the 2004 edition
Anouncement text of the 2007 edition
Keith Bontrager and Cal Bugart
10 year statistic of participants by country
Jacquie Phelan's report of the 2004 edition (click image)

IMG 0421

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