Stage 7 Hotels - Morgado do Reguengo & Monchique Resort

Stage 7 - Monchique

Morgado do Reguengo Resort

In the Algarve countryside, a place where nature commands, is located Morgado do Reguengo Resort. Between Portimão and Serra de Monchique, nature is one of its great tourism assets. With a sublime landscape, as far as the eye can see, immaculate fields and a variety of birdlife, the Morgado Golf & Country Club is the starting point for a special experience. It is one of the most charismatic places in the Algarve for whether you are a birdwatcher, a fan of nature tourism or a fan of the most diverse types of sport. Here you will surely find the ideal place for you.

Green are the fields of the Morgado Golf & Country Club, which offers us every year with fantastic events, where the participants enrich us with the experience, they bring us, and allow us the satisfaction of providing them with an excellent service!

Transportugal comes to mark the month of May at Morgado Golf & Country Club, where the whole team is preparing to provide everyone with a fantastic moment!

Sónia Silva
Hotel Manager

Secundary Hotel*

Monchique Resort & Spa

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