Stage 1 Hotels - Vila Galé Douro & Régua D'Ouro

Stage 1 - Peso da Régua

Hotel Vila Galé Douro

"For 3 years we have hosted the great Transportugal Europcar Race event and everything has been running within the expectations of the participants.

Merit of the organisation Ciclonatur!! As a result of this great partnership with the Vila Galé Group, ensures quality in the services of reception, food and accommodation. A good thing for promoting our country across borders!

Vasco Parente
Vasco Parente
Hotel Manager

It is in the first demarcated region of the world, the Alto Douro Wine region, that you will find the Vila Galé Douro hotel. Carved on the slopes, just opposite Régua, this charming boutique hotel captivates anyone due to its stunning views over the river and the vineyards. 
In the 38 rooms, spread across the hotel’s five floors, the focus is on comfort and a contemporary decor. The landscape and silence invite you to enjoy the panoramic balcony, though. 
The restaurant ‘Inevitável’, which is regionally inspired and signed by chef Francisco Ferreira, enchants us due to its rich and traditional flavors, as well as its terrace, which challenges you to an outdoor meal. In turn, the Satsanga Spa, besides its indoor pool and outdoor Jacuzzi, is surprising due to its fusion with nature, as its walls literally interlace with stone, creating a tranquil and relaxing environment.

Secundary Hotel

Hotel Régua D'Ouro


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