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Race Mentor

Born Portuguese in 1950, have been married for 48 years, father of 2 daughters and grandfather of 5 children.

Studied Mechanical Engineering in Lisbon University and Car Mechanics in England.

Back in the seventies worked in car mechanics and engine race preparation.

Off-road rally driver raced in different parts of the world, 4 times across Africa one of which the mythic Paris-Dakar race, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet and obviously in Portugal and Spain.

Sports have always been the important part of his life and running was his main hobby at the age of 30. Entered many marathons and ultra-marathons. In the eighties was training off-road running long before trail-running was invented.

Discovered mountain biking in 1990 and it soon became his highest passion in life. in 1992 quitted his job as Plant Manager in a multi-national company to found CICLONATUR the first cycling tour operator company in Portugal. Soon after opened one the of first mountain bike shops in the country specialized in high end products.

in the early nineties was responsible for the Organization of the Challenger Trophy adventures races and two of the UCI Mountain Bike World Races. In the late nineties started to Organize the TransPortugal tour adding this multi-day event to the long list of mountain bike events organized in a regular basis.

In 1999 GPS became part of his life and, as early as that, GPS were implemented as the main navigation tool in all his organized events. Learnt GPS technology and later lectured it to potential buyers. in 2004 built the first Topographic GPS vector map of Portugal which is still broadly used for off-road activities.

Conceived and Organized the first TransPortugal Race in 2003.

His portfolio as a cyclist goes back 40 years and the main highlights are: 15 tours across the Pyrenees east to west, 50 tours across Portugal north to south, 8 times the French Camino de Santiago, twice in Africa, once across Italy, raced in Costa Rica and in Canada.

Nowadays his wife is his cyclist companion and together travel by bike to many different destinations during their holidays.

As a cyclist is objective in life is to reach the half-million kms mark which at this moment is only 70000 kms away.

When he is not on a bike he dedicates his time to his other passions, motor cars and listening to music.




Race Director

Born in 1974, year of the Portuguese revolution, studied accounting, management and marketing. Nowadays, is one of the three partners of Ciclonatur, the company that is responsible for Transportugal Race.

Fred is the name friends know him by. Since high school, he worked in several different areas, and practiced countless sports ... he plays the drums since he was 15 years old, and just LOVES the Rock’n Roll.

Since he became a partner at Ciclonatur, he discovered the pleasure of riding a bicycle, electing it as his main hobby and has been preaching it to anyone who wants to hear. The whole family just loves it, and it’s like one family cycling history… a great weekend, is one cycling together. 

He manages Transportugal Race's relationship with athletes, suppliers, staff, sponsors and friends. During the competition, he plays the role of Race Director his mission is: "do everything in our power to make this event the most beautiful experience for the rider"... however, it is natural to see him lost in the middle of the trails during the stages, with a beer in his hand ... it is almost his brand image!!




Race Director

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Alfredo Azevedo



Tourist Guide

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Ana Senhor




Born in 1984 in Amarante Portugal. 
Married to another member of staff of Transportugal Europcar Race João Ribeiro, she is a fire-woman at her local city. She loves to help her community so, soon realize that she had her ideal job.
Can’t live without having a good book to read right next to her. Loves to cook, and loves her house full with some good friends.
In Transportugal Europcar Race, she is part of the catering team, and loves to help all the riders to feel at home.

André Hipolito



Hotel Management

Came to earth in 1970, by his mother's demand. Took a degree in Geography and focused in Geographical Information Systems. Nowadays, coordinates a small group in local management, producing base cartography and associated thematic data. He also participates in innovative IT projects for local management.
In his own world, since he was a kid, played with several friends in a few bands. As in football, the fat ones are assigned to goal keeper, and the same happens in kid's bands: the ones who can't play any instrument get the mic. So he's singing (...) ever since.
Besides music, he surfed a few waves and still actively practice climbing, swimming and on occasion, MTB. Also likes to cook and to be amongst friends and family, sharing food, laughs, beers and wine.
His TransPortugal adventure started in 2012, with Alfredo Saboga's invitation, to help with luggage. That soon extended to booking rooms and all the hotel's related stuff with the race. You will find him with bags in his hands or with a screen face in front of his laptop dealing with hotels.
(text made in southern Portugal, in a sunny beach, over a cold beer)




Race Dynamics

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bruno claro




Bruno Claro is 37 years old and he is from Barreio. Pretty soon, he realised he’s crazy about motor bikes, and that’s why he became a mechanic. Nowadays he is a mechanic in an official KTM motorbike shop.
He loves to go out to the beautiful countryside of Portugal with his motorbike.
Bruno has the pleasure to be a member of the staff of Transportugal Europcar Race since 2011, as a motard and member of the Bike d’Lux team.

carlos Borrego




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Celia Oliveira




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Medical Team

Hugo was born on the 11th of March of 1983, is completely mad about motorbikes and he has been doing motocross since he was 5 years old. As a hobby, he rides his bicycle and moto-tourism with friends.
He is an handyman, and he is able to treat someone ill or even flying an airplane (Portuguese air forces between 2004 and 2005) :-).
He is father of one kid with 4years old, with whom he spends most of his free time.
Pre-Hospital Emergency Technician since 2007, he graduated in nursing in 2014, so nowadays he practices both professions.
In Transportugal Europcar Race, he his part of the Medical Team since 2016, providing medical assistance during the event in case of accident or illness, as well as at the end of the stages, providing wound treatment, medication administration and hospital follow-up.

Isabel machado



Medical Team

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joao aragao




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Pedro Ribeiro



Race Dynamics

Joao Ribeiro is 36 years old and as a professional he is part of the command in the fire department of Amarante.
Loves motor sports, mainly motorcycles. Also likes to pratice MTB in the beautiful mountains that surrounds  the city of Amarante.
He Is a cheerful and adventurous person who likes to get along with good friends.
He has been proudly part of Transportugal STAFF since 2014.
Love the ride

João Rebelo




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João Verissimo logistica




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Catering Management

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maria helena




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Marta Vieira




Marta was born in 1983 and currently lives in Guarda, a small town near the spanish border. She never liked sports until she discovered MTB, back in 2000. She started doing MTB XC races and nowadays only rides as a hobby or for commuting whenever is possible.

She is a veterinarian working as an animal behaviour consultant for the last year. Whenever she can she works as staff in cycling tours and other outdoor sports events.

Being part of the Transportugal staff since 2008 she has worked in luggage, check points, finish line control, GPS control, race control and catering.

Paulo Coelho




He looks like the man of the 7 trades. But it is only the radio man, the computer technician, the Red Cross rescuer, the paragliding instructor, the trainer, the cyclist, the mountaineer, or just Paulo Coelho da Guarda and Linhares da Beira.

Born and raised in Serra da Estrela through which two of the eight stages of the Transportugal Race pass, soon he became involved in a variety of activities in contact with nature. And so he fell in love with the concept of this MTB event in which he has been involved in the staff since 2015. Four years working with a fantastic team, not only in recognition of some sections but also in the management and control of athletes during the race, live out all the magic of one of the most spectacular adventures imaginable in the world of two wheels. Now he decided to get involved in the Transportugal Europcar Race as an athlete because he loves great challenges and wants to feel in the first person what all the athletes have transmitted to him in this fantastic adventure from north to south of Portugal. And do not think that he have abandoned the staff, he just want to enjoy all the work of a spectacular team dedicated to the brave who accept to ride 1000Km from Chaves to Sagres.

Carpe diem

pedro cardoso




For 45 years that he's a full-time Portuguese, working as full-time designer for 20 years with a full-time passion for photography for 25 years and 14 years of full-time parenthood.
He has been mixing photography with everything he does, mainly with traveling and mountaineering.
His biggest challenge is to be able to capture that feeling you have when the landscape in front of you is bigger than life. "How can I frame that?”
He's still trying.
For 24 years now, that mountain bike became the other addiction. Collaborating with António Malvar, he guided hundreds of tours in Portugal and some outside. He has been using the bicycle to explore places like California (USA), Bali (Indonesia), Sikkim (Indian Himalayas), Pyrenees (Spain), Atlas (Marrocos).
He has been part of Transportugal in all shapes and forms since it’s inception. He helped to built it, design it, discover it and eventually to race it.
Now he photographs it so he can help the racers remember other feelings beside pain, effort and accomplishment.

Pedro Dias




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pedro lourenço



Bike D'Lux

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Raul Castro




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ricardo claro



CP management

Ricardo Claro just loves nature… he likes the ocean, the beach, the country side, the mountains!! To all those kind of places, he can easily be in contact where he lives and where he was born in 1978, the beautiful city of Setubal.
Because he loves to be out there on the fields and be in contact with people from different parts of the globe, he is part of the staff of Transportugal Europcar Race since 2015 and he hopes to continue for many more years.

ricardo machado




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Ricardo Ribeiro



Medical Team

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rui queixada




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Sonia Lopes




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Tiago Lages



Sweeper biker

Tiago Lages, is currently 41 years old and is IT administrator in a hospital of Portugal interior.

He loves mountains and especially Serra da Estrela, where pass the beautiful stage 3 of Transportugal. He loves mountaineering, climbing, paragliding, but it's the bike that has given him more challenges in recent years.

He has the privilege to live next to Serra da Estrela and be member of Clube de Montanhismo da Guarda. He has three little kids (two boys and a girl) and try all the time pass these passions to them.

Tiago has been proudly part of Transportugal STAFF since 2011.





Vanessa was born in 31-10-1983, halloween day and she lives in Lisbon.
She graduated in Art, and worked as a designer for a few years.
Since she was pretty young, wanted to know more about spiritual matters. In her early 20’s, became a buddhist and made some meditation retreats and she changed her lifestyle, her mind and her food, becoming vegetarian. Soon, she started to study reiki, Integrated Reflexology; Traditional Ayurvedic Massage; Method Dorn Breuss; Indian Head Massage.
Her desire to learn is huge, so she is always after a good workshop or degree.
Nowadays, she works as an independent, as a masseur at Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and also as an insurance agent.
Besides the spirit, the body needs to be healthy… so, as a hobby she enjoys swimming, climbing and yoga.
She is part of the Transportugal staff (that big family with friendship, adventures and lots of work) since 2011 as a Masseur. That job is gratifying, once allows her to contribute for the well-being both fiscal and mental, and helps the society.

vitor Carapelho




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