2021 NEW REGISTRATION - From 1 October 2020  

New Registrations regarding Transportugal Race 2021 will open on the first second of October 2020… at 00:00h GMT of the first day of October you will be able to sign inn for Transportugal Race 2021!! 

Due to the cancellation of the 2020 race, we have modified our normal entry process to give priority to our 2020 riders.
Riders affected by the cancellation of the Transportugal Race 2020 have an exclusive period to make efective the roll over of their credit for the Transportugal Race 2021. So until the end of September registrations will be only available for the 2020 riders.

After 2020 riders have confirmed their participation, additional public entries will open on 1 October at 00:00h GMT. Registrations will be open for a limited number of new riders, according to the vacancies available.

Additional notes will be provided along the registration period.

Our event tries to show you the very best of our beautiful country... and in this strange period we know that the very best qualities of Portuguese people will shine through. The proof of that, it’s the way we’ve been dealing with the pandemic situation, keeping our country a pleasant place to live. Stay safe, and help us return back to business and keep the Transportugal Race spirit alive and kicking... we really hope to see many of our friends and fans really soon.

We are working hard to put together the 2021 race, and keep Transportugal Race as one of the Best Stage Races around the world. Portugal is an amazing country, considered The Best European Destination, for the last 3 years!! Did you know that?!

We will make sure you’ll have a group of Portuguese people, working hard just for you!!… and Portuguese do it better!!

In 2021 you will have the chance to ride 8 different (and very, very different) stages. You’ll have it all, mountain, flatlands, ancient romain roads, rocks, beaches, places you’ll never forget!!… and after each stage, you will have the chance to rest, to recover, to enjoy in the best hotels and tasting the portuguese food (just another thing you’ll never forget!!!)

See you in May 2021
Best regards from Portugal ;-)


2020 REGISTRATION TRANSFER TO 2021 - From 1 September to 30 September 2020 

All riders registered for 2020 race that decided to transfer their registration to 2021, please take some attention to the following notes :

  • All 2020 riders, must register on the official website during September, using your 2020 credit;
  • To manage your registration you need to login to your area, then your credit will be shown in the first page
  • 2020 riders can transfer their credit to any other rider. All they have to do is to let us know through an email addressed to us;
  • 2020 riders, after pack and services are chosen, the remaining amount after your credit is deducted, must be paid during 1st December 2020 until 31st January 2021;
  • 2020 riders, if after your registration our event is subsequently cancelled, for whatever reason, you will automatically receive a 100% rollover of your credit up that moment, into the race of the following year;
  • all 2020 riders registered to 2021 will not suffer any other penalty if travel restrictions related to Covid-19 prevent riders from entering Portugal or from departing their respective countries. From the 1st of March 2021, to 10th of March 2021, we will analyse together all the pandemic situation;
  • Once 2020 riders registration is accepted, and credit deducted, all the standard race terms and conditions will apply – except the terms referred above;
  • For all the riders who want to join us, we advise you to subscribe a travel insurance… As well as medical cover, we recommend that you have appropriate travel insurance so that if you fall ill and test positive for COVID-19 prior to (or during) your cycle tour, you will be financially covered for cancelling your trip. You should also consider booking a policy that covers you if you have to cancel or curtail your stay because you have to self-isolate. Check your policy for details or please contact us and we can suggest some options which might help. 



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