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Welcome to Transportugal Europcar Race 2020

The race will be held in May 2020. 

You must be in Lisbon on the 9th of May at 6:30am at the doorstep of the Sana Malhoa Hotel, our hotel partner in Lisbon. You can book some night before the race, and/or after… we have an agreement with them. You can book directly with the hotel, saying that you are a racer for Transportugal 2020. Use the email

On the 9th of May, at 07:00am we will take shuttle bus to Chaves, to the hotel where the race begins. In the afternoon you will have the registration process, the briefings, and you will assemble your bike. 

On the 10th of May, you will be riding your first day and you will arrive at Sagres (hopefully) on the 17th where we will have the party at the beach and the ceremony after dinner.

On the 18th of May, at 10:00am we will take another shuttle bus to Lisbon, but with two destinations: first we will stop at the airport to drop those who have flights in the afternoon (flight after 04:00pm,!! before that time its impossible to be in Lisbon int time for check-in) and then, we will stop at the Sana Malhoa Hotel to drop those who have some more nights in Portugal.

This is the schedule that we think you need for now.

Please complete your details and info here (click on Edit Profile)


About the registration itself, the entry fees for 2019, are:


BASIC PACK - Includes the race pack, 9 nights in a shared room, 9 breakfast, 9 lunches, 9 dinners, the transfers from Lisbon -> Chaves and from Sagres ->Lisbon

SINGLE PACK - Includes all the Basic Pack but in a Single room.

 PACK  'til 31 dec  'till the race
 BASIC  1989€  2089€
 SINGLE  2679€   2789€


BIKE DLUX - Includes daily washing, drying and lubrication of the riders bike and all labor costs of eventual bike repairs needed at the end of each stage

WASH DLUX - Includes daily washing, drying and lubrication of the rider’s bike

PACK MASSAGE - Includes a daily massage at the end of each stage, except the last one (in the last day, the massage is the Ocean and the free beers at the beach!!!!)

PACK 'til 31 dec 'till the race
BIKE D'LUX 299€ 339€
WASH D'LUX 140€  160€
MASSAGE 279€ 319€


COMPANION BASE PACK - (Own transportation) - Includes shared room with the racer, 9 breakfast, 9 lunches, 9 dinners and transfers from Lisbon -> Chaves and from Sagres -> Lisbon

COMPANION FULL PACK - Includes the Base Pack, but with our transportation and a tour-guide.

 PACK  'til 31 dec  'till the race
BASIC 1319€ 1389€
FULL 1699€  1779€


After your pre-registration, our services will check all your choices and information provided. 

You’ll receive a message, confirming your information and telling you what the exact amount you should pay by now in order to finish this pre-registration process.

Just whait for our message.

Bank account details:

Bank = Bankinter SA Sucursal in Portugal

Bank address = Av Colégio Militar 37 F, 13º Piso, Torre Oriente, 1500-180 Lisboa

Account name = Ciclonatur - Desportos Lda

Account number = 291200128562

IBAN = PT50 0269 0291 00200128562 46

NIB = 0269 0291 00200128562 46



Looking forward to see you in May.

Best regards from Portugal.